T.O.P. the lead rapper of the Korean Boy Band 'Big Bang', often known as The King of Kpop Invasion, is my bias. I've been a Kpopper when I was in 3rd year High School because of Super Junior's Sorry Sorry. But at that time, I already know about Big Bang because they are the counterpart of 2NE1. But I ignored them and that's one of the most stupid thing that I regretted.

I've been in love with T.O.P after he's charms caught me on one of their comeback single 'Fantastic Baby' (and it's obvious now where did I get my names) that topped all the charts with their off-kill and left me breathless after T.O.P took my heart with him.

After that, I started to be he's fan girl and he's my Ultimate bias! I so love T.O.P and I wish I can see him in person. If that can ever be true, I swear I'm going to bumped on him without any second thoughts and I'm gonna be sure to steal one kiss from him! Bwahaha! I'm not a perv, it's just one of my impossible dream! ^_____^v


It's one of my Diary Entry, but since it all contains my hidden desire about T.O.P and they're concert, I thought of posting it here. You know, just for fun! ^^

but still, what a pity I can't go to their concert. TToTT

July 16, 2012 6:36 PM

That's my scream. Hell yeah! (>___<)

So, what am I supposed to do now? Big Bang's going here in the Philippines for their 2012 Big Bang Alive Concert on Oct. 24, 2012. I've been really dreaming to go there not until I saw how much they're tickets sold. And guess what, VIP ticket (seated) costs P12, 500. Like what the hell! I wanna go there badly with VIP ticket! (and I know from the start that it's just impossible. keke~) Anyway, there's still VIP ticket for standing, how much? It only just costs P10, 000. See? Very affordable! Ehem! Mark the sarcasm, please!

So, what should I do know? Settled with Gen. Admission ticket? It costs P1000. And of course, that's already a big price, FOR ME.

But you know what, I won't care losing money (if I eventually have) if I'm going to see my super hot and gorgeous TOP. *faints*

OMO. OMO. OMO. My TOP!!! My namja chinggu. My Nampyeon. My Oppa!! ^^

STOP! Okay, that's too much. (__ __)"

But going back, we all know that I won't be able to go there from the very start! Not even see T.O.P's pinky toenail for God's sake! Darn! I want to see my TOP! My TOP! My TOP!!!!!! *stomped feet*

Fuck, man! Why I don't even have a single peso on my pocket? Well, I'm not blaming my family for just being middle class you know. I'm fine with that. And that's really fine instead of having nothing. Fuuuu~

But at least they care. They're aware that I am very much hooked in KPOP and they're not trying to stop me or something like that. Of course they won't if in the first place, they're also like me. Well, not entirely like me because I know I'm obsessed but them, well, they're still in their right minds. My bro loves Korean stuffs and so my Mom (Korean Dramas in particular.)

It's also nice to hear from her that I'll just have to settle myself in watching her son-in-law (wow. I'm really doing good with all of this. XD) on TV. My bro even chattered that maybe it's possible for me to get a Gen. Ad ticket.

But it's not my point here, i just liked it when they, somehow supported me with this. (well, I think it's really better if they'll do something and end up giving me thousands of money so that I can go and see my TOP. Haha. Shame! That's not even possible! They barely spend anything, they're, I mean, WE are really tightening everything that we can tightened lately. You know, talking 'bout money and finances. XD)

So.... what d'ya think I can do about this? I'm saving for the Grammar Book that I hope to buy by next month? (not sure though, maybe when I finally made P875 on our savings under Danechii's hold?).

And of course for all we know, having P12,000 is not an easy thing! It won't be there in just a blink of eye or snap of fingers! That's really an amount to work for! WTF. How can I have P12,000 in a small duration of time because basically, I have to hurry up saving or else other VIPs will crash the ticket nets (that will start selling now, or tomorrow, dunno) and sold out my precious tickets!! (Cool~ Now I'm owning every little piece of tickets. Very nice of me, huh!)

*sniff* But seriously, do I really have to give up going there now? Yah! Answer me!!! (>3<)

See? I'm starting to lose my mind. And even thinking of going there is really a proof of me getting crazy with all these stuffs because obviously, I.CANT.GO.

 I CANNOT GO BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE FUCKING MONEY! How great is that!!!! Dammit!

Shit! I badly want to go there! I really want to go there! I have to go there!
Can someone give me solution to this!!! (And of course, that's money! XD) But really, who would just give me P12,000 for me to waste to that concert? (Well it's not a WASTE because for me, it's a DREAM, but what can I do? People think that being obsessed with this Kpop Invasion is insane. Damn them. (=___+)

Should I let go of my hopes now? Nah. I don't want. I don't want to just let go of my dream of going there. Even though I know that I really won't be able to attend that concert and see my T.O.P. *huk*

My TOP ~ I want to see you. I want to see you rap and perform. I want to see you smile at me. I want to kiss you (*~*)~

Chos! That's below the belt! Sasaeng fan alert! Hihihi! (^____^)7

Anyway, i think this entry is exciting because it's all about the Big Bang Alive Concert. Big Bang is really wonderful, I even forgot my burdens about being reporter tomorrow on our EDUC37 and lots of tests ahead of me.

Uwaaa! I really LOVE my TOP! He's the one making me forget my stress! Hihihi! Such a good influence, drop-dead-gorgeous TOP *insert heart face here XD*

Alright! I'll just let myself dream on about everything of this. It's the only thing that I can do and it's making me happy though. TOP always makes me happy, how's that? I really love him! Bwahaha! But look, I'm keeping on repeating things now, I'm totally out of my mind because of TOP! XD

So, I'll cut it now, okay? I'm not sure if I can post something tomorrow because I have to review a lot. and when I say 'a lot', it's really A LOT. gets?

It's just TOP and the concert and they're highly-priced tickets are the ones who made me do this entry, of course I'm not blaming that, it's really fun! Hihihi! ~

I LOVE T.O.P and T.O.P. is MINE. Arasso?!! Jalga~ 



(VIP 1 & 2 are already sold out! I wanna buy the Upperbox ticket!!! )

July 23, 2012 6:42 PM

Potekkkkk!!!! (>"<)!


I'm really pissed off today! Well not the entire day of course but just this afternoon. Why? Later you'll know. My day is fine. I was just really anxious because I thought we will report in ENGL125, thank God we're going to report this Wednesday. Still have time to prepare for that. Then, nothing much happened to me.

But, when I was waiting for a ride to got home, I don't know! I felt weird because when I was walking, someone just approached me, I stopped because he asked, "You're from Calumpang?" so I thought maybe he's one of our relatives or something, so I said "Huh?" then after that, he's asking for my number! Shit! It's really freaky you know! Just a stranger doing that? Ewww. Of course I already encountered lots of them but he really deceived me in a way! I even stopped for him! So, after he said that, I rolled eyes on him with flipping hair!

Yah! That's true! I seriously did that to him! And it's not that only, so I was waiting for other passenger so that I won't have to pay so much for the ride, and then he's really weird because he just kept on staring at me! Really, he's an asshole! He's leaning on the stairs just in front of my place and he's looking on me while puffing his cigarette! He don't look like 'tambay' or what when it comes to appearance because he's small man with fair complexion, but still, he can passed for the term 'adik' 'coz of what he did! He's so creepy!

Alright, so much for that, when I got home, I rushed to review after I ate. I tried hard not to think of the upcoming concert of Big Bang (Oct 24) and thankfully, I managed. I really hope I won't forget what I reviewed because it would be such a waste! Oh well, after I reviewed, I excitedly go on line and then I was surprised when they announced that the VIP 1 and 2 tickets were all sold out! I know I can't afford that but still, I'm afraid I can't make it on time to buy ticket for the upperbox that is worth P3,700. Well honestly, I really don't know if I can make it, I only have P700 something right now, that's why I am so eager to look for something that I can make money with!

Yeah I'm serious! I'm gonna fucking work if that's the only way for me to have money in an instance! I was thinking of working in Jollibee, I think that can do but my problem would be my Mom, that is of course won't allow me to work whatever it takes, most especially because I'm gonna work to buy a ticket. But still, I can't be stop!!!!

Then, I'm having a second thought about Jollibee thing, I don't know, maybe because I have to buy uniform (P550) if ever I'm going to work there, but still, I can find a solution about that if I'm not hesitating.

But right now, I'm really after the concert. I badly want to go there! Of course y'all know that. I really want to go there and no one can ever stop me! So please, tell me an easy and fast way to have money????!!! Oh please!

Big Bang! T.O.P. oppa! Nan kidaryeo, aratjji?! I'm gonna prove that I'm a real VIP! Saranghae! Fighting!

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