Annyeong! ^_____^

Well, you already know how thankful I am for having you as my friend. I already said to you once that my first impression to you is not someone I can get close to. But as all of us know, impressions do last when the time comes that we know the real person. And basically, that's what happened about you.

To tell you frankly, you seems weird at first, (and I know you're very much aware of that). I dont know why, maybe because you pissed of Sir HUMN that time Anw, that won't change the fact that  you're one of the best friend that I ever met in my life.

You're bubbly and so fun to be with. You don't know that you're funny and that's probably why you always made us laugh. Simply you're words and actions are really funny. And you know what, just thinking of you now, as in this very moment, I want to laugh! HAHAHAHAHA! LOL! :DD


Alright. No offense meant by that and I hope none taken. XD

So, going back, I really want to thank you for always being there for me. You're always at my side, giving me advices every time I need them. You made my problems easier because you're there to listen to me. I know I nagged and somehow, tantrums to you my problems but still, you're there. We even made a promise that we won't let any one of us down and I'm really holding into that.

I know not just because of you're religious personality that you will always be here for me no matter what. You're a wonderful person Danechii, how I wish I can reciprocate all the helps that you gave me. Maybe it's hard for you to always listen to me, to hear out my problems in this life, and that I thank you a lot.

Well, believe me but I'm really thinking that I'm a burden to you and probably, after you read that, you'll scold me for thinking myself as a burden! Keke~  

But yeah, just promise me that whatever happens, we will always be here for each other. If you've got problems, I will also be there to for you. I'm going to listen to you even how nonsense or boring you're problem was. And for you, I'm going to do my best in improving my character, and of course you know what I mean. Actually, I'm not only doing this for you, I'm also doing this for myself. But, because you're helping me, I just can't bare to disappoint you. But I know that even with all my efforts, there's a lot of disappointments ahead of you (and that's a head-ups fro you, dear)  because changing my bad habits, having confidence and ignoring others' unhelpful words are really hard thing to do for me. It sucks, you know that! XD

Anyway, stay as you are, Danechii. We will always be friends and you're the best. Just don't forget that TOP is mine and I'm not open in sharing him to anyone, even you! Bwahaha! >:DD

So..... I'm not planning to make this message so dramatic, honest is just fine. And once again, thank you for everything, Danechii! Saranghae! *wink*


Justine ~