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NOTE: Don't even try opening 'My Diary Entries and Letters to You'  because that's a Protected Page that only me can see what's in it! ^_____^v

 Justine Pearl Castro

My real name is Justine Pearl Castro, from Cavite, Philippines. I am a Sophomore Education Student-- Major in English at Cavite State University- Main Campus.

Facts about me (^___^)v

#1. I don't have other nationality aside from Filipino. Many said I look like, American or German or whatever. Seriously, they always ask me about those things.

#2. Education is not my first choice. Well, I don't really like anything so my Mom decided on that. Actually, I hardly think of my future, as long as I'm doing something, that's fine with me. (What a fucking personality XD) but, so far, I'm starting to like my course, just got some little problems of being too cute for a teacher. I hope my students won't bully me. (=____=)"

#3. I hate MATH! That's why I'm an English Major Bwahaha.

#4. I love KOREA! I'm a big KPOP Fan! I love listening to their music and watching their movies and dramas. I'm also working with their language and writing! I'm dreaming of going there and practicing their culture and fashion! (^___^)v

My Favorite Korean Groups:

> Big Bang! (TOP my labs is my eternal bias! ♥)
> SNSD (I love their songs and music videos)

> Super Junior (They brought me to the KPOP World)

> T-ara (They're the 1st Girl Group that I love but recently, they're messed up. Amp!)

> B2ST (Junhyung Oppa is so cool!)

#5. I'm a frustrated writer. I'm writing fictional stories and fortunately, I think I have some potential. Some love my works and I'm proud of it, though I'm not much active in writing now, but still, I'm planning to finish my stories. Thanks to those who always supports me! And thanks to She's Dating the Gangster, my favorite tragic story ever, for bringing me into writing! (^____^)v

#6. I love reading. Before, I don't have any slightest interest in reading but now, that's one of my hobbies. So far, I'm into Paranormal Romance and other Fictional stories. I just download or read online, I don't have much money to buy books. (But I'd love to) XDD

#6. I want to become a VAMPIRE. *fangs* It's because of the influence of My Blood Approves by A. Hocking. So now, I'm reading the Twilight Saga series. Sigh. I wish I can be a Vampire. It's so cool you know!  T^T

#7. I'm a terrible eater. Bwahahah. I can eat like my brother. I'm more of a rice person that's why I'm not sexy. Hahaha. But I'm not obese or that fat either. Hmp! I love sweets!

#8. When I review, I always eat chocolates. I think it's one of my traditions. I must have choco mucho or bingo or whatever sweets while reviewing. Also, I can't review without music. I don't need soft music, Rock, Pop or any genre is fine with me. As long as there is music. >:DD

#9. Before, I used to learn playing guitar because I'm a big Taylor Swift fan but I didnt excel in that so I stopped, but I think I still know how to, it just that I'm not really good on playing instruments! Hahahaha. I'm also dreaming of becoming a pianist someday, but as I've said, I'm a crap on music. >:DD

#10. I never had serious relationship. Yes, I had one boyfriend but I don't think it can be consider as a relationship though we both know that it's a commitment. Amp! I ruined my first relationship! Sigh. that's okay. Also, LOVE is never a priority to me. Yes, I'm longing for that but while studying, I better don't have destruction.  Though, I had crushes and puppy loves. (^/////^)v

If you want to contact me, check out this links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fantasticbaby35
Wattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/user/euzaku35

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